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41553 - Mixels S6: Vaka-Waka (2015)

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Double the Munchos fun with Vaka-Waka!


Vaka-Waka are two Mixels™ Munchos in one! Vaka is the top half of the duo and in charge of food input, while ‘stomach head’ Waka handles the output. Vaka usually eats before thinking, which means poor Waka has to deal with digesting everything from rotten fish heads to battery acid! No wonder Vaka looks the happier of this joined-at-the-belly pair of Munchos!

  • Features a head with opening jaw, ‘stomach head’ with big teeth, posable joints and food elements
  • Collect all 3 Munchos to build the chew-tastic MAX!
  • Combine with 41546 LEGO® Mixels™ Forx from the Weldos tribe to create a mixed-up MURP!
  • Go to LEGO.com/mixels for exclusive building instructions, games, animations and much more
  • Watch all your favorite Mixels™ characters on Cartoon Network
  • Play the Mixels™ Rush mobile game from Cartoon Network
  • Stands over 2” (7cm) tall